Manufacturing Specially Equipped Vehicles and Trucks – 124 types of Certifi ed Vehicles Fine Motors Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 by gathering manpower who had worked in the related fi elds of specially equipped vehicles. Based on solid technologies, it has thus been able to develop 124 types of certifi ed vehicles including a compost-scatt ering vehicle and customized vehicles with functionality and effi ciency for each diff erent purpose. Its main vehicles include those for fueling, water supply, a special tank lorry, an arm roll truck and cleaning vehicles such as a honey wagon and a refuse cart. Besides these, it has developed and manufactured construction vehicles such as general and special dump trucks and special vehicles including a water cannon vehicle, a fumigator truck and a catt le truck.

Fine Motors Co., Ltd. has been able to earn the ISO 9001, an INNOBIZ company certifi cate, Export top company award, as well as an employment top company certifi cate and fi refi ghting administrative development award from the Minister of Safety and Administration. By completing its registration with UNGM and SAM, the company is now preparing a stage to supply vehicles to the international agency and the U.S. Federal government and extending its export market.nd Fueling Vehicle

A water cannon vehicle enables installation of nozzles on left and right sides of the vehicle that can shoot and reach a minimum range of 60 meters, and a mixture of water with teargas, dye or fi refi ghting foam. Bulletproof processing is possible for windows as well as engine to protect the passengers and vehicle, and bulldozer installation is also possible to disperse demonstrators and to protect the vehicle from street wastes. All specifi cations can be customized to meet clients’ needs.201611mm_page_43_03

There are various kinds of fi refi ghting vehicles, including rescue vehicle with equipment for on-site activities, pump vehicle for fi refi ghting, ladder vehicle to help fi refi ghters to access tall buildings, and a water tank vehicle that supplies water to pump or ladder vehicles. Also, it manufactures integrated command vehicles that can control all the vehicles and situations and other fi refi ghting equipment vehicles for various disastrous situations. Again, all specifi cations can be customized for clients’ needs.

Fueling vehicles can carry fuel and refueling for other vehicles. They are widely used for military, police and airports. It is possible to adjust tank-capacity for various purposes and other specifi cations as well. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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