Focus on Hydraulic Breakers and Demolition Attachments C&OH Corp. is specialized in manufacturing hydraulic breakers and demolition att achments. Since 2000, the company has dedicated itself to manufacturing a complete range of hydraulic rock hammers ranging from 100 kg to 5,500 kg for mini-excavators, skid-steer loaders, backhoe loaders and mid-sized and large excavators.

These products match machines that weigh 0.5 ton to 80 tons. C&OH have open-type and box-type housing as well as the anti-blanking system, the so-called AB series. They are using top-quality Korean materials to create the best quality and durability, which can outclass European and Japanese breakers in terms of pricing and durability. C&HO Corp. is ready to take an opportunity to develop business relationships with other companies.

201612mm_page_25_07Alpha-Plus new-generation AB Series hydraulic breakers bring you more profi ts as the product has a longer lifespan.

The cutt ing-edge and advanced design of its fi ring structure minimizes unnecessary impacts to the front head, through bolts, chisel and rod pins and ensures longer lifespan of the breaker. The round shape of the through bolt nut has a greater advantage of absorbing tension and vibration while operating and prevents cracking of the front head.

They eliminate the problem of losing stop pins and rubber plugs while in operation by holding the rod pins by the cover plate. It is a small modifi cation but a big improvement for the operator.

The AP Hydraulic Crusher features high performances by powerful cylinder outputs. What’s more, it is easy to replace its cutt er blades. The AP Hydraulic Vibro Compactor is gaining big popularity among customers as the compactor att achment creates litt le noise and off ers safety benefi ts.


Founded by Experts with Long Experience in Construction Equipment Sector

201612mm_page_25_03In 2000, C&Oh Corp. was established by experts who had long years of experience in the construction equipment sector. By dedicating itself to the development of highquality products and good back-up service, business has grown rapidly year by year and its products have been distributed in over 20 countries.

C&Oh Corp. has manufactured top-quality products not only for Korean customers but also for foreign customers in order to satisfy them with the company’s performance.

Moreover, C&Oh Corp. has also provided the utmost back-up service by conducting service training programs at dealers’ workshops as well as in its own factory.

C&Oh Corp. has achieved a CE mark for its products and continuously strived to apply the most advanced technology. It aims to build good relationships with customers by supplying the best-quality products and service with competitive pricing. The company believes that it can become a winner in the world market where competition becomes tougher and tougher and do its best to bring utmost satisfaction to its customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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