Industrial materials [INQ. NO. 1612M01] Wonjin Aluminum’s industrial materials are an abbreviation of Wonjin Profi le System and a brand of profi le system for industrial automation provided by Wonjin Aluminum, the company with 1st class aluminum extrusion.

To reduce the working process (cutt ing, melting point, process, coating, etc.) of steel product and maintain the clean exterior, system structural material fulfi lled convenient assembling method by using standard aluminum extruded material. Cost-reduction eff ects are excellent since designing, processing, assembling process are standardized.

Curtain wall is the external wall as a partition with no load, and can be mass-produced from the factory. Its panel is standardized and unifi ed and widely used in high-rise buildings or skyscrapers including the UN building in New York. Its quality depends on workmanship.

The eff ort of the company to be the No. 1 player in the industry led it to be accredited for its quality and achieved product competitiveness by K/S certifi cation, certifi ed test records, performance certifi cate, and excellent product certifi cate and selfquality assurance company. It keeps promises with customers to be a strong company and does its best to provide customer satisfaction with its products.

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