Manufacturing Portable Air Conditioners and Heaters its foundation in 1989, Weltem has been enhancing competitiveness with know-how and technology accumulated over the past 27 years in the fi eld of HVAC. Its main products are portable air conditioners and heaters, which are exported to the USA, Europe, Australia and Russia. In order to become a global hidden champion that represents Korea, it participates in exhibitions around the world every year.
With years of experiences and its best technologies, Weltem has been able to obtain technology certifi cations from various institutions such as the Patent Offi ce, Korea Industrial Technology Association and the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. In order to focus its management based on customers and provide the best products and service, Weltem invests in continuous research, quality improvement and new technology development.

Portable Air Conditioners and Far Infrared Oil Heaters

The Weltem portable air conditioner features spot cooling for large areas where cooling of the entire area is not practical like factory, open areas, etc. It is more economical to provide cool air to people or material directly than entire cooling. It also provides room cooling function for closed area to control the temperature of the area.201611mm_page_39_03

The convenient digital controller is simple to use and well equipped with self-diagnostic function. It has adjusting airfl ow function, remote control function and auto restart.

Weltem’s portable air conditioner is easy to move around from room to room using portable kit. It can be rack-mounted inside 19 inches computer server rack for cooling small computer and server rooms. It can be also used mounted.

The far-infrared oil heater features a wider combustion tube so more than 20% of fuel will be saved using the same electricity. And far-infrared radiation will be released to remove bacteria. The far-infrared tube heater has its own direct waves so, instead of warming up the air, it will directly heat people or subject with heating time reduced.

The heater is also easily movable as bigger and stable wheels are installed. The convenient touch LED butt on allows any users to understand its functions. Smell removal fi lter is available to get rid of oil smell when it is not operating. There are as any as 17 safety measures that have been adapted along with an inside door. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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