Reborn as an Aluminum Specialized Company with a High-end Factory and Facilities its establishment in 1987, directors and employees of Wonjin Aluminum Co., Ltd. have been striving to realize value for customers with continuous technology development. In addition, the company implements customer satisfaction through the Non-Stop System covering all processes, from design, to production, construction and A/S, with its competitive HR system.
201610mm_page_024_03The eff orts of the company to be the No.1 player in the industry has led it to being accredited for its quality and to achieve product competitiveness through K/S certifi cation, certifi ed test records, performance certifi cate, and excellent product certifi cate and self-quality assurance company. It keeps a promise with customers to be a strong company and does its best to provide affl uence to customers’ lives for its products.

Various Windows and Doors Produced by Wonjin Aluminum

201610mm_page_024_12Casement windows are mainly used as ventilation windows or escape windows, and are opened from the inside toward the outside. The maximum opening angle is 90 degrees.
Normally, when the outside air fl ows in through the gap between the window frame and the window, insulation will decrease. Designed to overcome this, the casement window adopts a method that provides excellent insulation eff ects by covering the section of the frame that is exposed to the outside air with insulation materials combined with aluminum.
201610mm_page_024_06As for curtain wall windows, a polyamide insulation material is applied between the main member and the fi xing plate for the primary insulation, and polyurethane is applied to the middle section of the fi xing plate for the secondary insulation. In addition, polyamide is applied to the member that is connected to the external cap for the third insulation. Thus, the curtain wall window is a highly insulated window.
System doors can be mainly used for doors that come in contact with outside air directly. It is a highstrength system door that can be used as a main entrance door of a house and an entrance door of an offi ce. As special hardware is used, the system door provides excellent air-tightness and insulation and, accordingly, is suitable for an entrance door of a building as well as for laboratories, test rooms and recording rooms.


Lift sliding window will be lifted 8mm above the rail and slide with the help of a special hardware operation method, thus allowing a large-sized window to be opened easily and smoothly. It provides excellent insulation and air-tightness because of the use of a gasket made of a special material that has excellent durability and restoring force. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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