Strong and Reliable Saws with Excellent Cutting Ability Metal is a manufacturer and exporter of variouskinds of hand saws. It has been 30 years since the company started exporting its goods. Based on accumulated knowhow, Jerim Metal currently exports products to lots of countries in the world including the U.S., Italy, the UK, Canada and Spain. Its main products are fold-away pruning saws, straight pruning saws, curved saws and pole tree saws.

201611mm_page_32_03Especially as for the fold-away pruning saws, they possess the widest array of models. Jerim Metal produces hand saws used as garden tools, which are classifi ed into four types ? a fold-away saw, a straight pruning saw, a curved pruning saw and a carpentry saw.

The fold-away saw’s blades can be folded into the handle and unfolded out of it with ease. The saw is very effi cient for pruning small branches and twigs.

Its compact size off ers high portability since it can be easily put into the pocket.

The handle has various designs and colors, which off ers beautiful appearance as well as convenience and safety. This product is designed to relieve your hand fatigue to a maximum degree when used for a long time.

The blade of this straight pruning saw is made in a straight line with the handle. Unlike the foldaway pruning straw, the straight pruning saw can cut thick branches without diffi culty. This product is easy to keep in any place thanks to the case protecting the blade. The case enables you to keep the saw or even carry it by your side easily.

The curved saw is perfect for pruning live branches.Unlike the straight pruning saw, its blade is not straight but a litt le curved and conveniently used to cut the tree without applying much force. Meanwhile, like the straight pruning saw, it is composed of a wide variety of kinds, one of which is a multi-type saw used with telescopic pole to cut branches in the upper part of a tree.

Increasing Competitiveness by Improving Quality

Such tremendous R&D eff orts enabled Jerim Metal to be designated as a model venture 201611mm_page_32_06business on August 31, 1998. In spite of the high quality of products made in Korea, their brand-value is less acknowledged and less powerful than those made in Japan.

Likewise, Chinese and Taiwanese products entice customers with lower prices than Jerim Metal’s products.

Therefore, Jerim Metal strives to increase its competitiveness by improving quality and design and adjusting prices. They are convinced that it almost came true. Customers recognize Jerim’s steady eff orts to improve its product quality, workability and price competitiveness when using its products. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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