The First Company to Succeed in Domestically Producing Webbing Sling B&B Co., Ltd. is the fi rst company that succeeded in domestically producing webbing sling in Korea. Webbing sling was developed with Dr. Yoon Han-sik of KIST and the Industry Department of Kolon Co., Ltd. to replace imported ones.

Since its establishment in 1987, Samwoo B&B has acquired the “CE” mark of Europe, the “S” mark of Korea, and the “ISO 9001,” and registered as a venture business according to customer-centered service.

Samwoo B&B employed an engineer quality management in 2015 so it provides superior quality products with its own tensile testing machine. It has progressed by earning the trust and loyalty of customers and its ability to quickly provide standard products and orders.

With 30 years of accumulated technology and experience, it has been able to capture high market share in Korea. Also, with full automation of sewing machines lately, it has been able to improve product quality and is thus recognized for its excellence.


Webbing Sling, Round Sling and Ratchet Lashing System

Samwoo B&B’s webbing sling has high strength, superior features and high safety. Produced with 100% polyester, it features high strength thread, good design of slings (thickness and ring), and other factors.

It provides extended useful range when kept at a regulated high strength except in unusual working environments, and prevents sliding when handling heavy weight and damage with detailed products. It also prevents accidents in advance because inspectors can determine replacement time or inappropriate use with their naked eyes.

Round sling is manufactured smoothly with a lot of polyester fi ber in tube. It doesn’t cause any damage to expensive equipment thanks to easy handling and soft fi ber. Manufacturing round slings of safety working loads from one ton to 100 tons, with which customers can load or unload heavy work objects.

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