Volvo to demonstrate self-driving truck technology in Korea in 3-5 years Volvo Trucks, the No. 1 imported commercial vehicle brand in South Korea, has unveiled a plan to demonstrate its self-driving truck technology in the country in the next three to five years.

In an interview with Maeil Business Newspaper, Claes Nilsson, president of Volvo Trucks, said that the Sweden-based commercial vehicle maker has already developed its own autonomous driving technology and test drove autonomous vehicles on expressways and inside mines. The technology can be applied to vehicles used in other locations as well, such as harbors and construction sites, he said.

Nilsson’s comments come after Volvo Trucks recently showcased its so-called platooning technology that allows a number of autonomous trucks to drive in a platoon formation following the lead car in the front.

Nilsson said that the manufacturer has obtained all the necessary technologies for self-driving vehicles, but he expected it would take some time before the company commercializes the technology and introduce autonomous-driving trucks in Korea as it will likely take three to five years for relevant laws and regulations to be prepared.

The head of Volvo Trucks added that the company is currently developing more advanced biogas trucks and it is seeking ways to extend overall driving range of its hybrid and electric trucks that it has already introduced.

Nilsson also shared Volvo Trucks’ rosy sales forecast in Korea, its fifth-largest global market. He expected the company would sell 2,500 units in Korea this year, up 25 percent from last year’s 1,936 units, and 4,000 units in 2020.

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