Air duster[INQ. NO. 1701M01] Kum Gang Precision has ever since its establishment in 1994 placed its priority on how to swiftly and suitably meet customers’ meet and thus to maximize their satisfactions, mainly through intensive investment on R&D.
Kum Gang Precision, in its daily management, considers “Creative&Basic technology” as the most important factor that leads its business. Kum Gang Precision’s products, designed and made by a series of strict processes, aims at to be used at each specific applications with accomplishment of safety, convenience, and productivity at the same time.
201701m_page_20_03Kum Gang Precision focuses on manufacturing MRO items, especially pneumatic relating items and hand tools – air couplers, air dusters, bit drivers, tire gauges, bit sockets, etc. Of those, air dusters are at the frontline in expanding the presence of the company in the targeted abroad market.
In the application of the air dusters, there is no stain water from the air duster, even humid air.Ergonomic design is delivering good productivity and various types of models can meet customers’ needs. Now the air dusters are popular among customers in some nations in Southeast Asia, as well as Japan, China, etc. And further efforts for pioneering promising markets are now underway. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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