Forging parts[INQ. NO. 1701M13] Established in 1978 with the “creation of customer value through advanced forging part technology” as its motto, Frontec has been committed to manufacturing automotive parts for 39 years. The company has manufactured and supplied weld nuts, automotive fastening parts, and tools for automotive tools for self-maintenance to automakers in Korea, including Hyundai and Kia as the firsttier subcontractor since 1980.
201701m_page_29_03Thanks to the consistent growth of the automobile industry, Frontec has seen substantial growth every year. It has made consistent investment and focused on developing new technology through profit stabilization and the review of investment feasibility with the aim of becoming one of the top five subcontractors for Hyundai and Kia motor groups by 2020.
201701m_page_29_06Frontec’s T-type welding nuts (M5~M12) is well known for its excellence in welding strength as well as durability and safety, compared to those manufactured by rival companies, and thus ideal for automobiles. The O.V.M Tool Set (rated load: 600 ~1500 kg) is a DIY car maintenance set that consists of a hub wrench for tire replacement, tow hitch, and pantograph jack. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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