FPD array laser repair

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1701M05] Since its founding in 1973, Charm Engineering has focused on flat-panel display manufacturing equipment. The company supplies products and services to a number of domestic companies including Samsung, LGD, and other global IT companies in China, Japan, etc.
Charm Engineering surpassed US$16 million in exports of its laser repair equipment for flat display panel that is based on laser application technology. With global and domestic market shares of 74% and 65%, respectively, Charm Engineering is the first company in the world to utilize new precise laser in AMOLED micro processing equipment in the flat display manufacturing equipment field.
201701m_page_22_07Highly competitive with such many features as TFT LCE 5~8 generation application, high-accurate later cutting, high-speed and low noise & stability, highly accurate gantry stage movement, stage joystick function, proven reliability in advanced fab., Charm Engineering’s latest FPD array laser repair ensures highest throughput, lowest CoO (longer MTBF&shorter MTTR), excellent particle control, and VTM configuration (in case of cluster tool type).
The goal of Charm Engineering is to become a leading company in the global equipment field with cutting-edge technology. Hence, the company is placing great efforts in developing innovative models such as Flexible with AMOLED, TSP, FPCB and electronic printing equipment.

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