Metal platings[INQ. NO. 1701M23] Surface treatment technology is a base technique in core parts manufacturing from old traditional industry to high-tech industry in the 21st century and plays a decisive role in improving product performance and value, which is still under represented.
Daesung Hi-P has developed and installed reel to reel continuous plating line for the first time in the country and has been growing as a leading company in the nation’s surface treatment field through consistent technical innovation in selective plating using that line.
Also, Daesung Hi-P is trying to prepare total solutions that customers want, implementing batch process for lead frames and application components connecting to plating-related press and injection processes. With the goal of becoming a global “hidden champion,” it will keep developing high-tech plating technology and providing total solution for the manufacturing of electronic and automobile components simultaneously so that it can contribute to creating value for customers and developing base technologies for Korea.
201701m_page_34_03Daesung Hi-P, aiming to be the best global hidden champion and being equipped with batch processes connecting stamping – plating –injection molding based on high-tech plating technology, provides total solution for the manufacturing of electronics and automobile components. Daesung Hi-P off ers a wide variety of selective plating services tailored to the unique plating requirements of customers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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