State-run R&D Projects to be Undertaken More Efficiently

http://korean- Technology Research Association (MTRA) Signed an agreement with Korean Advanced Engineering Technology Cooperatives for Cooperation

The Machinery Technology Research Association (MTRA, Park Yeong-Tak as chairman) and the Korean Advanced Engineering Technology Cooperatives announced on Nov. 30, 2016, that the two parties signed an agreement for joint development of R&D projects.

The MTRA was established in 2012 in accordance with the enactment of the Industrial Technology Research cooperatives support Act with the aim of taking the lead in performing R&D activities in industrial technology and introducing and distributing advanced technology through industrial-academicresearch- public cooperation.

With the attendance of some 60 figures, including Lee Jang-Hun, the head of the Southeast Headquarters of the Korea Industrial Complex Corporation, Song Ho-Jin, chairman of the Expert Group for Next-gen, Song Seong-Jae, chief of the Economy Department of Changwon City, and Ji Gyo-Hong, the chief of the Changwon National University Changwon Industrial Complex Manufacturing Business Innovative Infrastructure Development Project Group, the two organizations agreed to intimately work together for the development of R&D projects, formation of a technological community, and realization of pilot production at the signing ceremony.

In accordance with the agreement, the two parties will jointly push R&D projects and run the New Technology Research Club and the State-run Project Development Research Club. Also, they will jointly support members of the Korean Advanced Engineering Technology Cooperatives to formulate strategies for the opening of new markets, development of global brands, enhancement of the competitiveness of intellectual property rights, and establish and develop the standards, making concerted efforts to develop the production capacity of small and medium businesses.

201701m_page_87_03Park Yeong-Tak, the chairman of the MTRA, stressed the important role of the MTRA as a liaison that develops, plans, and carries out joint technological development projects for the sharpening of the competitive edge of the manufacturing businesses and job creation. He added that with the agreement, the two parties will actively support small and medium businesses to upgrade their technology and help perform government-run R&D projects more efficiently by joining hands in drawing up and developing technologies and joint technological development projects. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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