Centrifugal oil cleaner & Portable centrifugal cleaner

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryNQ. NO. 1703M08] Shin Heung Precision’s Centrifugal Oil Cleaner and Portable Centrifugal Oil Cleaner have been used by some of the best heat-treatment companies in Korea such as NSK Korea and Bearing Art for eliminating sludge in heat-treatment oil. Its products are also supplied to steel factories, paper mills, and other large-scale manufacturing factories to refine their hydraulic oil.
Shin Heung Precision recently successfully developed a cutting oil purifier for CNC aluminum automatic lathes that can refine fine aluminum particles. Pioneering new markets, the company is producing oil cleaners that can refine all types of oil used in any industry.
Shin Heung Precision launched its business in 1988 as a manufacturer of components & auxiliary equipment for diesel engines. It has supplied centrifugal oil cleaners and air starting motors to Doosan Engine, STX Engine, and Hyundai Heavy Industry for 20 years.
Recently, it has launched a new purifier for oil, and supply to Hyundai Heavy Industry, NSK bearing and Korindo group, respectively. All of its products are meticulously designed & manufactured to fulfill customer requirements.

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