Flexible capillary tube and fittings

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1703M22] Kum Gang Precision has ever since its establishment in 1994 prioritized swiftly and suitably meeting customers’ needs and thus maximizing their satisfaction, mainly through intensive investment in R&D. Kum Gang Precision, in its daily management, considers “Creative & Basic Technology” as the most important factor advancing its business. Kum Gang Precision’s products, designed and made according to a series of strict processes, are aimed to be used for specific applications with the focus on safety, convenience, and productivity. Kum Gang Precision manufactures MRO items, especially pneumatic-related items and hand tools – air couplers, air dusters, bit drivers, tire gauges, bit sockets, etc. Of those, air dusters are at the frontline in expanding the presence of the company in the targeted overseas markets. In the application of the air dusters, there is no stain water from the air duster, not even with humid air. Er[INQ. NO. 1703M23] Nara Engineering & Controls has been supplying refrigeration and air-conditioning parts and components since 1990. Some of its main products include capillary tubes and fittings, vibration absorbers, and oil separators. Cooperating with a number of partners, the company also deals with other components and parts manufactured to international standards along with providing customized services. It has developed machines called NP-9 and NP-4 that pressure capillary tubes and fittings. Its vibration absorbers are certified by UL and CE, being recognized for their excellent quality.
The company manufactures flexible capillary tubes and fittings that overcome the weakness of the existing bronze capillary tubes with better durability and resistance to vibration and pressure. Its flexible capillary tubes and refrigerant hoses have an internal diameter range of 2.5-19.1mm, while the refrigerant hoses are also available for automobiles. It supplies direct-coupled, elbow-, and T-shaped fittings that can be attached to hoses using NP-9, NP-4, or pliers.
Vibration absorbers are used to prevent pipes from being damaged from the vibration of the compressor. Available from NF-1 (3/8’’) to NF-13 (4-1/8’’), its UL and CE certified vibration absorbers are installed in compressor inlets and outlets.gonomic design is delivering good productivity and various types of models can meet customers’ needs. Currently the air dusters are popular among customers in some nations in Southeast Asia, as well as Japan, China, etc., while further efforts for pioneering promising markets are underway.

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