Hybrid dehumidifier, Hybrid dryers

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1703M27] As a specialized company in airconditioning and dehumidification, based on the diverse experiences and accumulated expertise, Air-Tech Engineering developed the hybrid dehumidifier and twin rotor dehumidifier for dry rooms, etc. As a result, it could supply a superior energy-saving dehumidifier, an improvement on existing ones. With the purpose of the most effective dehumidification and economical cost, it has been developing and supplying energy-saving systems.
The company’s hybrid dehumidifier features a primary cooling dehumidifier with an evaporator and secondary desiccant with the waste-heat of the condenser, achieving energy-saving of more than 40%, achieving 200 sets of dehumidifier and sales of 16 billion.
The hybrid dryers from the company have more than 30% energy-saving and 20% drying time shorter than cold air dryers. The company seeks to export its products through various efforts and has acquired U.S. and Japanese patents. It is expecting to establish more than 20 units in Korea. The geothermal heat pump hot-air dryer from the company will be commercialized in 2017. In 2015, it has obtained the New Excellent Technology (NET) certification. It provides energy saving more than 50% and cooling effect (COP 2.0). These products will also be developed as export strategy products.

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