Movable air-conditioners[INQ. NO. 1703M32] Weltem has developed and produced air-conditioners and air-coolers for a control panel using its own technology since 1994 based on technology and know-how accumulated over the past 29 years since the company’s founding in 1989. All of its products have already acquired their high recognitions in the domestic cooler market.
Its affiliated research institute has been developing industrial HVAC products and strengthening the company’s competitiveness by adding to the manufacturing field with the long-term goal, “the first-class products in the world.
Movable air-conditioner is capable of powerful air-conditioning in workplaces where total air-conditioning is not possible and in places where high heat occurs. The water-cooled air-conditioner, not an air-cooled one, is produced for a kitchen in a restaurant.
Dehumidifier is a differentiated product that can solve problems of occurrence of corrosion/decomposition/congelation, bad odors and bacteria due to damp air in a large space such as a production and manufacturing line, a storeroom, a new building and a fitness center, in the summer season, or in a place using a underground space.
Air-conditioner for a control panel prevents a machine from breaking down by expending a machine’s life and with a dehumidifying effect by controlling malfunction of production facilities, shortening of a production machine’s life and occurrence of defect of a new product due to high heating of a high-performance controlling device.
Oil cooler prolongs a machine’s life and prevents from breaking down by controlling oil temperatures such as lubricating oil, cooling oil, hydraulic oil, cutting oil by a refrigerator and maintaining viscosity and lubricating characteristics of oil.
There are far-infrared oil heaters, carbon fiber electric heaters, far-infrared hot-air blowers and electric heaters. It is movable so anyone can use easily at anytime, anywhere regardless of location.
With new technological digital technology, it can be easily controlled with an automatic control function. It has a temperature controlling device that detects an indoor temperature and a safety device that prevents temperature overheat. It also maximizes heating efficiency by using a high-performance fan. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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