Growing into a Leading Machinery Manufacturer in Korea[INQ. NO. 1705M19] Hwacheon Group is a 65-year-old Korean-leading provider of CNC, general-purpose machine tools, and automation equipment, with a strong commitment to high quality and technological excellence, as well as a corporate vision of “We Produce the World’s Best Products and Services.” The following is an interview with the Hwacheon Group’s CEO Kwon Young-ryual, where he talks about challenge motivation through the company’s growth process and current situation.

Could you please introduce the company and what are the driving forces of the company’s amazing growth?

The Hwacheon Group was founded in May 1952 by the late Mr. Kwon Seunggwan, under the name of Hwacheon Machine Tool Company. He started his job as a foundry apprentice when he was a teenager during the Japanese colonial period, in order to help support his family. He had full confidence in his honesty and outstanding skills he honed during the apprenticeship. He took over the foundry company in August 1945, and established Hwacheon Machine Tool Company based on the existing foundry in May 1952.
The name of Hwacheon was derived from two words, namely “Hwa,” which has the meaning of commodities or money, and “cheon,” which has the meaning of fountain, and together meaning “the fountain of wealth.” To sum up, Hwacheon started out in the machinery tool business, which had not been developed yet in the domestic market, with the vision of reviving the machinery industry and maintaining sustainable development of the industry. Since its establishment, Hwacheon Group has grown into a leading machinery manufacturer in South Korea. The company has achieved several significant milestones, which form an indelible part of the company’s history, such as the first belt-driven lathe that was invented in the late-1950s, followed by the first numerical control machine tool in 1977, which was submitted for International Manufacturing Technology Show in 1978 as a first overseas exhibit of Hwacheon. Hwacheon developed the first CNC milling machine in 1983, and the first machining center in 1987.

Currently, the Hwacheon Group consists of HWACHEON MACHINE TOOL CO., LTD., which produces the CNC machine tool and casting; HWACHEON MACHINERY CO., LTD., which produces the CNC, general-purpose machine tools, and automation components; SEOAM INDUSTRY CP., LTD., that produces chuck and gear; as well as TPS KOREA that specializes in producing automation equipment. The company is a first-class machinery manufacturer which has single-line production infrastructure and modernized production system. Based on technologies acquired through long-term experience, the company has continuously maintained growth in domestic markets, and now exports to industrialized countries, such as USA and Germany. Meanwhile, the products of the company have been acclaimed for their high precision and high rigidity. In addition, the company is engaged in producing and processing the major components of car engines, such as cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, and crankshafts by combining machine tool production technology.
I think our major competitive advantage is sincerity. Under the vision of emphasizing our motto, “We Produce the World’s Best Products and Services,” we always pursue “quality first” from customers’ perspectives, and offer products more than just technology. By doing this, a lot of researches, developments, and services are being carried out to deliver a value creation cycle for customers. Thus, we have been constantly engaged in research and development based on sincerity. As a result, we have become the leading machinery manufacturer in South Korea, which has the ability to compete with our global competitors. We have also established a good reputation compared with other companies, and that led us to win the majority of customers’ trust and loyalty. It is encouraging that there are lots of interests in our products despite the recent economic recession.
Hwacheon is not merely selling the equipment, but also providing total-solutions that aim to process and produce convergent products, which improves user’s internal quality- and cost- competitiveness. In particular, HWACHEON MACHINERY CO., LTD. has developed machine tools equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) since five years ago. At first, AI was used only for some products, but now the AI software has been introduced into general machine tools as well. We are presenting the smarter machinery tools in exhibitions every year.

Could you please let us know more about your main products?

SIRIUS-U Series, all time favorite and best selling product of Hwacheon, has made new progress and now presents its extraordinary perfection to customers. From the elegant design, superb machining performance, and user convenience, to a variety of extra features, the spotless SIRIUS-UZ, peak position of SIRIUS-U Series, delivers greater convenience and quality. SIRIUS-UZ as the highprecision vertical machining center provides the best machining solution in terms of product-quality with its powerful roughing and precise finishing capabilities.
SMART CORE, the world’s first slide/core machine tools, has combined rotary tables developed by Hwacheon and exclusive machining software solutions. it is an easy-to-use 5-axis machine tool which is even easier than operating a 3-axis machine tools, and made by our principles of providing best quality. In spite of its high value, incline and slide core have been considered as a problem in the manufacturing process, because of its complicated process and risk of collision during the process, as well as difficulties of machining with the generally used 3-axis machining tool.
However, SMART CORE is a slide/incline core machining center that can perform all machining processes with one-time workpiece setting, by providing a solution based on automatic CAM, interference detection simulation, tool and machining data.
M4-5AX, which was developed by Hwacheon’s technological and machining expertise, is a high-precision 5-axis machining center perfect for improving productivity. It implements the entire machining for complex products that require various processes with one-time workpiece settings. its various spindle series can be applied to different workpieces from aluminum to other difficult-to-cut materials. Enhanced productivity is assured by enlarged loading capability, table which is easy to access and automatic open/close system for top cover. The machine control software developed by Hwacheon, diagnoses variables in different working conditions and machining environments in real time and makes optimal adjustments to provide high quality and productivity. Also, the software was designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate.

Please share with us your company’s future vision, and tell us something about your overseas buyers and customers

In order to reborn as a global brand, Hwacheon Group is enhancing its quality and design and concentrating on local marketing and PR through various channels.
Currently, we have established corporations in five countries, including USA, Germany, Singapore, India, and Vietnam. We also have set up marketing networks throughout Asia, Europe and the America. Based on this, we will strengthen trust by reducing the time needed for overseas customers to find component suppliers and wait for the delivery. We all share a sense of mission of being a machine tool industry leader and continue to do our best to meet the needs of the market by providing optimal solutions. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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