SIRIUS-UZ Vertical Machining Center with Hard Roughing Capability

SIRIUS-UZ occupies the peak position among the high-precision vertical machining center SIRIUS-U series that boast the world’s best performance. SIRIUS-UZ provides the best machining solution in terms of product-quality with its powerful roughing and precise finishing capabilities.

A Culmination of the World’s Best High-precision Machining Center SIRIUS-U Series

A long-time favorite and bestseller, the SIRIUS-U Series, has been rejuvenated to present you with extraordinary perfection once again. From the elegant design, superb machining performance, and user convenience to a variety of extra features, the spotless SIRIUS-UZ delivers greater convenience and quality.
With a built-in magnetic table with excellent usability for material installation and reliable chip disposal, SIRIUS-UZ ensures convenient usability. It features an optimized structure for precision machining, controls the thermal deformation of the frame due to internal chip/cutting oil, and separates the vibration sources, thereby increasing the quality of the final product.
SIRIUS-UZ adopts a high-speed spindle that lengthens the lifespan of small tools and enhances machining conditions. It ensures improved roughing capability compared to other machines of the same class and uniform head rigidity regardless of Z-axis position.
For the series, Hwacheon’s machining software diagnoses variables in different working conditions and machining environments to make optimal adjustments and deliver quality and productivity. It also features enhanced user friendliness for easy operation with simple control. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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