SMART CORE Machining Tool, “Easier” Than 3-axis Machining Smart Core for 3+2 axis, Dedicated to Slide/Incline Core Machining for the First Time in the World

SMART CORE is a slide/incline core machining center that can complete all machining processes with a one-time workpiece setting by providing a solution dedicated to automatic CAM, interference detection, tool and machining data, and index table.
The intuitive operating environment provided by this machining center include atomatic attachment of table and clamping jig, intuitive angle input for B/C axes, automatic creation of 3+2-axis post based on input angles, automatic linkage of machining command function for inclined surfaces, and interference detection simulation. This center adopts high-precision and high-rigidity index table, boasting compact design. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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