Automatic, Variable Speed Packaging Machine[INQ. NO. 1705M04] DC Pack has since 2003 been one of the leading manufacturers in Korea’s packaging machinery industry. It has developed and supplied high quality technology to its clients in the auto packaging field so its clients could boost their production.
Its technology & quality were well approved by its clients like PEPSI, Coca Cola, Reckitt Benckiser, Clorox, etc. with its range of products.
The bottle unscrambler from the company is an automatic, variable speed packaging machine that receives empty bottles (PET, PE) in bulk, then orients, processes, and positions them onto a moving conveyor for further downstream processing.
Currently various kinds of filling machines are being promoted among global buyers. DCPACK’s piston fillers are very flexible systems allowing them to adapt to a wide variety of products allowing them to fill water, thick viscous liquids (sauce, Oil etc.), and even semi- solids with particulates as SAC.

DCPACK has supplied its volumetric (flow meter) filler for mineral water filling line to the Korean market as the leading supplier in Korea. Also it has experience in supplying the flow meter filler for hot fill juice & milk production line in Korea. DCPACK is the industry leader in wraparound case packing in Korea. It can offer a range of wraparound case packing solutions to suit a variety of different products. Max capacity is 50 boxes per minute with cross pad. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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