Representing Korea’s Machinery Industry Korea Association of Machinery Industry (KOAMI) was founded in 1969 in accordance with the Machinery Industry Promotion Act. Since its foundation, KOAMI has been a trusted bridge between the Korean government and machinery industry, contributing to the advancement of the Korean machinery industry. Today it continues to serve as an important organization representing the machinery industry in Korea.

With support from the government and the participation of member companies, KOAMI has brought tremendous achievements to the advancement of the industry; it has been part of the development of core technology, pioneering overseas markets, initiatives to increase the export of Korean machinery, and promoting the sharing of mutual interest among the members. Moreover, KOAMI provides machinery companies with professional services involving support to policymaking and research activities, technology development, and exportation in response to the government’s policies. It also provides them with useful information on the machinery industry and training.

Since its foundation, KOAMI has never stopped striving to develop the industry and played a significant role for the machinery industry to become the world’s eighth largest exporter. With its expertise accumulated and trust earned over the past 49 years, KOAMI will continue to dedicate itself to the advancement of the machinery industry in Korea. As a companion to the industry, it plans to continue providing the machinery industry with support so that it can drive growth and play its role as the largest exporter of machinery in Korea.

Business Areas

– ‌Business to promote the machinery industry and members’ interests
– ‌Support for the machinery industry to develop technology
– ‌Business to promote machinery exhibitions, machinery, parts, and materials technology, exportation, and international cooperation
– ‌Research and publication on promotion of the machinery industry
– ‌Informatization of the machinery industry and creation of knowledge-based businesses
– ‌Businesses required to nurture talents tailored to the region and industry
– ‌Support related to quality guarantee and warranty of machinery, parts, and materials
– ‌Projects to establish a foundation for nurturing cutting-edge molding businesses
– ‌Advancement of machinery equipment and promotion of its exportation
– ‌Support to issuance of certificates on design, test, and inspection for SMEs
– ‌Collaboration between large enterprises and SMEs
– ‌Projects on advancement of the machinery industry commissioned by the government
– ‌Operation and rental of KOAMI’s properties | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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