Soft Packaging Material[INQ. NO. 1705M08] SM Innotech currently manufactures and supplies various packaging materials such as In-Mold Label, Shrinkable Label, Retort & Microwavable Pouch, Shape, Zipper, Spout, Flat Bottom pouch and Roll products. SM Innotech is strengthening its position as a market leader in the In-Mold Label (IML) market and focusing on developing innovative and cost-saving packaging materials through patent acquisition and research on relevant products.
SM Innotech supplies packaging materials to Walmart, Dole, Sunsweets, Blue Diamond and Mariani, which are highly recognized in the United States, and domestically to Dongwon, Ottogi, CJ, Henkel and Starbucks Co. Ltd.
Through the establishment of certification systems such as ISO9001, ISO14001, HACCP & FSCC 22000, SM Innotech is implementing customer satisfaction through quality management by building a unified management system from order receipts, to production, quality control and shipment. In addition to solutions for packaging materials, SM Innotech also offers solutions for product packaging lines to provide customers with a one-stop service. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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