Heat wet scubber

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1707M13] KOCAT is a developer, producer, and distributor of reduction and control systems and equipment for hazardous gas and air contaminants from industrial processing (VOCs), thermal power plants (NOx), and greenhouse gases (PFC & SF6), based on its original technologies for catalysts and absorbents.
The company produces the most optimized exhaust gas processing equipment for a wide range of industrial sectors from semiconductors, to LEDs, chemicals, petrochemicals, and researches, especially Wet, Heat-Wet, Burn-type equipment for long-term operation in high concentration or flow rate of air contaminants, or when regular replacement is practically impossible.
The Heat Wet Scubber from KOCAT is one of the most popular processors for hazardous gases generated from the manufacture of semiconductors and LCDs in factories and research institutions, utilizing high-efficiency pyrolysis and oxidation as its main methods.

KOCAT is expanding its areas of business to include chemical processes and renewable energy, creating a new drive for development by concentrating its core technology business performances, and its infrastructures and networks in green technologies for eco-friendly production systems and energy reduction, diagnosis, and management systems, thus contributing to the prosperity and development of humanity as a global company.

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