New-Style High-Rate Coagulative Precipitation Unit[INQ. NO. 1707M10] Hansu Technical Service (HTS), the comprehensive water treatment company providing design, manufacturing, construction and test-drive of water treatment facilities, displayed the new-style high-rate coagulative precipitation unit.
For a precipitation tank, HTS makes it possible to treat 2.5M in diameter, instead of 16M. It also contributes to simplification of cohesion and precipitation treatment by treating in ‘one’ tank by applying a line mix device.
Among the company’s products are; fluidized bed carrier biological treatment device (BM-SK); new-style high-rate pressurizing and float tank (KURITA FLOTATION); KHDS (Kurita High Density Solids); new-style high-rate cohesion and precipitation device (SEDIMAX-SO); carrier-type anaerobic biological treatment device (BS-TK); sludge reduction biological treatment device (BP-SR); and containing waste water treatment facility (BP-FO).

Deputy department head Kim Jeong-gu from the new business team of the plant business division of Hansu Technical Service emphasized, “It is the method of eliminating impurities by increasing the circulating rate of water using micro bubbles. It prevents the leaking of aggregates by duplexing the inner structure.” | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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