Plant Cutter & Agricultural Hose Guide[INQ. NO. 1707M21] Gooin Agricultural Technology‘s plant cutter Black Doksuri is now being widely used for cutting plants in various kinds of agricultural operations.
It uses light and sturdy ABS material and ensures high durability. As a detachable and attachable lawn cutter, it is easy to use. It is possible for multi-uses such as cutting, weeding, and plant harvesting. It is possible to use all types of lawn cutters and lawn cutter blades. Compared to existing products, easy operation is possible when used as a lawn cutter.
The company’s other hot item, Doldori, is an agricultural hose guide, highly popular among farmers. It can be separated top and bottom, and after fixing it on with a chili stake, it operates as a one-person agricultural hose guide device that can also act as a pest control sprayer. When Doldori is fixed on the chili stake, the top of the Doldori rotates, allowing free movement of the water hose.

Gooin Agricultural Technology will continue making efforts in R&D on labor reduction-type agricultural equipment to solve the discomfort and problems that our farming fields face, as well as contributing to agriculture development and increasing the income of farmers. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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