Rust and Scale Prevention System for Water Pipes[INQ. NO. 1707M06] IOREX has developed IOREX – the ionizing water treatment equipment with its own technology, which is extremely efficient to renew worn out water pipes. It currently proves its outstanding efficiency at the water supply facilities of numerous municipalities, POSCO, Hyundai Heavy Industry Corp., KORAIL, GS Caltex, Seoul National University of Education, lots of houses, apartments, ranches, farms, and so forth.
Old water pipelines may have rust, scale, and slime problems. IOREX, is a water treatment system by water ionization that can prevent or remove rust and scale in pipelines simply by installing it in any water pipe, for clean and efficient maintenance. Iorex is an economical and environmentally friendly water treatment system using the flow of water as its source of power, a physical and positive method. Also, IOREX is currently certified by NSF International. This system allows easy installation, short-term water outage and traffic control. For maximized safety, it uses carbon, a highly body-friendly material. As it is an eco-friendly product, it gives out no chemicals. It is economical – only one time installation is needed for semi-permanent use. It is also very practical as there is no drop in water pressure and it is appropriate to control water quality both in Korea and globally. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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