A Pivotal Role in the Quarantine and Sterilization Business

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryIZ-Fog has been playing a pivotal role in the quarantine and sterilization business in Korea since the 1960s. In fact, it was the first company that produced quarantine and sterilization equipment locally, such as fog machines that previously had to be imported. And now, these products are being manufactured in Korea and exported to more than 30 countries in Southeast Asia, West Asia and the Middle East.
The quarantine business is a very important field for exterminating noxious insects such as flies, mosquitos and cockroaches, which cause environmental contamination during the course of industrialization, and also for overcoming contagious diseases such as influenza that threaten the lives of people and animals. In a global era where national boundaries have little meaning, it is believed that various contagious diseases and accompanying problems, which can be generated by human and material exchanges, must be solved by humankind. This is exactly why IZ-Fog plans to initiate a pivotal role by preparing various quarantine and sterilization machines.

Representative Fog Machines that Come in Many Shapes for Various Purposes



Mini thermal fogger IZ-100 is a portable sterilizer that features good quality & durability, ultra-light weight, and high performance. IZ-100 is ideal for fogging industrial and public places as well as residential areas. It can be used with either water or oil based solution.
IZ-150AS is also a portable thermal fogger that comes with many of the same features as IZ-100, such as high performance and light weight. However, it has double purposes for smoke and fog. And it excels in resisting heat and erosion as tanks and combustion pipes are made with stainless steel. This newly developed machine proved ultra-particle state through spouting particle size of 5-30 microns.
Electric cold fogger IZ-33 ULV sprayer is the best equipment for pest control. It is ULV (Ultra Low Volume) that guarantees high performance with low noise. It is 10 times more efficient than air pressure sprayers. It can be used for indoors as well for it is easy to handle and use. Flow rate and particle size can be adjusted with a regulating valve.


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