Manufacturing Flow Meters, Flow Sensors, Flow Control Counters and Fuel Dispensers Flow, Co. Ltd. is a company that manufactures flow meters, flow sensors, flow control counters and fuel dispensers. It has been developing excellent quality products through constant investment and R&D ever since its establishment in 2009. In fact, it has been able to develop oval gear flow meters with domestic technology, and now, it exports them to various countries around the world, such as Thailand, Myanmar, India and Germany, after its very fi rst exports to Finland in 2011.
Oval gear type flow system of Digital Flow is suitable for measuring flow at petrochemical plants as it is digital, and therefore convenient for process automation. Also, with its precision rate within 0.5%, it is used at gas stations, or for measuring any amount of flow like petrochemical products, food and medicine. Since it has been developed with domestic technology, the price is competitive with fast delivery possible.
Digital Flow also manufactures fuel dispensers by itself and exports them to Thailand, Myanmar and the Philippines, as well as flow meters. And for the fi rst time in the world, it has been able to develop oval gear type flow meters only for lubricators.


Exports Targeting at the Southeast Asian Market

There are thread type and flange type when it comes down to oval gear flow meters and flow sensors. However, the picture here shows only thread type oval gear flow meters. They both have a precision rate within 0.5% maximum so it is possible to measure flow accurately. Especially, the oval gear type flow meters are suitable for measuring food and oil, so they are used at gas stations and petrochemical plants. They can be used for all the counters that receive pulse signals and it is very convenient for process automation as they are digital systems.
Motorcycle refueling machines are manufactured especially for the Southeast Asian market where motorcycles are the common means of transportation. Now, it is possible to sell fuel automatically with development of cash recognition machines for countries like Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. It is easy to maintain and install them as drums are used instead of underground tanks.
Fuel Dispensers of Digital Flow are equipped with oval gear flow sensors, so they are more accurate than pistontype flow meters. While piston type flow sensors have disadvantages such as complex structure and high failure rate, not to mention the fact that they are unreliable and require regular clean-up, oval gear type flow sensors are simple in structure without failure. And there is no deviation due to temperature change. Also, they are reliable as they are rotation type, which prevents impurities from sett ling. Therefore, it is unnecessary to repeatedly set up the flow rate. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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