Providing Cooling Water Cleaning Systems to Various Fields in 2005, KMX Co., Ltd. has been putting its best efforts into ensuring customer satisfaction in various fields, such as nuclear/thermoelectric power plants, petrochemical plants, the shipbuilding industry, steel mills, the steel industry, aviation, railways, automobiles and general industries.
Its corporate philosophy, “A trustworthy company, a leading company with expertise, the best management with competitiveness,” is exemplified in its management and technology development.
Currently, the company supplies cooling water cleaning systems to various industrial fields, after successfully developing cleaning equipment for maintenance chemicals, parts and facilities, without damaging valves and facility materials. Furthermore, it has diversified through distributing pump down injection equipment, oil flushing equipment and pumps for industrial purposes, in order to respond to the rapidly changing business environments, domestically as well as internationally. Also, it has been able to develop scaling removal devices for scale removal and performance enhancement of cooling tower facilities that are widely used around the world.

Scale Collector DaJaBaRa

This scale collector removes scales that are fixed to the equipment of the cooling water system by using an electrolytic method. This is a cooling water cleaning system that prevents scaling from being generated in cooling tower fillers, circulation piping, Evacon tubes, etc. It removes the scales in cooling towers and heat exchangers, while preserving water quality and the atmosphere. It kills bacteria and microorganisms such as legionella and salmonella in cooling water and removes green algae.
Using environmentally friendly products (DaJaBaRa), it excels in environmental protection and energy saving after installation. It is installed in CW supplying piping between cooling towers and heat exchangers. It can be used wherever there are cooling towers, such as hospitals, hotels, airports and general industries. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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