Hydraulic Cylinders

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708M17] HIMC Co., Ltd., which started out as Haein Precision Manufacturer in 1987, has produced various kinds of industrial machine parts such as automobile parts, agricultural machine parts and elevator parts. Since it was appointed as an OEM manufacturer for Dongyang Mechatronics, (now known as DY Power) in 2006, HIMC has been making hydraulic cylinders used in construction machinery including excavators, forklifts, high place operation cars and skid loaders.
In 2013, HIMC acquired its quality class authentication (A-Class) from Hitachi in Japan and passed a production quality authentication test by Komatsu. HIMC also makes hydraulic cylinders for agricultural machines such as tractors, combines and rice planting machines, not only for construction machines, and it make 10,000 pieces of over 110 kinds of products each month. In addition, HIMC moved to a larger facility in the Masan Free Trade Zone in June 2016, growing continuously.
HIMC now makes various hydraulic cylinders including arms, booms, buckets, dozers, rams, outriggers, lifts, tilts and side shift cylinders. By making its products with a self-made SRB (skiving roller burnishing) machine, their durability is bett er than existing products and they have a high-powered work performance. HIMC makes tubes with a maximum inner diameter of 250 mm, a maximum length of 3000 mm, and a maximum test pressure of 750 kgf/cm2. HIMC want to be a true partner that satisfi es various customer business needs by developing and providing customized products, even in small quantity, that match the customer’s design and machine conditions as well as producing and providing global standard products.

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