Automated Ball Management System for Driving Range Business[INQ. NO. 1708M05] Redbox Golf was founded in 2014 for #1 partner of golf driving range business, especially in automatic ball management system. Even Redbox Golf is an young company in range business area, it is ready to make your dream come true with its high quality products, technique and customer service on the basis of passion.
The fully automated ball management system would be the trend and best solution for driving range business. To the owner, it gives reliability of working condition, cost saving in operation and increasing of revenue. To the guest, it givesconvenient and comfortable practice environment, click and swing that is all.
Its system consists of tee up unit, ball dispenser, conveyor transfer equipment, washer and ball dispenser. Just by touching button, golfer can adjust tee height from 1 to 60mm. Dispenser can feed the ball to each tee up unit. 2 or 4bays would be covered by one ball dispenser using air blow. Golf balls are washed and delivered to the tee bay through washer, conveyor and dispenser in sequence. Its system can be controlled and monitored at the front desk through OS. So tee bays, range members and accounts can be managed by OS easily. Redbox Golf will give you the customized system for your successful range business. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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