Dynamic Player Producing High-Quality Gas Springs

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1708M25] Since 1993, Sunprein Co., Ltd. has grown rapidly as an international manufacturing company of gas springs, dampers and stamped brackets. With its renowned technology, for more than 20 years, the company has supplied gas springs, dampers and other parts to its customers in various industries such as international automobile industries, consumer-electronics industries and many other industrial applications.
All employees at Sunprein are proud of the company’s reputation for high-quality products and strive to achieve outcomes that benefit all customers at home and abroad. Under the corporate vision of “To Be Passionate and Innovative,” they always strive for the highest quality of its products, services and customer satisfaction.
Sunprein’s gas springs are applied to vehicles, car seats, doors, furniture and other automotive parts. They come in various sizes and feature force variants and end fittings. They are easy to assemble and have variable locking mechanisms. They are also compact and do not require big space.
The company’s dynamic gas springs are used in vehicles, car seats, doors, flaps in machinery and automotive parts. They are capable of dynamic compression damping. Sunprein’s dynamic gas springs are next-generation gas springs for the automotive industry. The company offers a broad selection of sizes, force variants and end fittings of dynamic gas springs. Variable locking mechanisms make the products more reliable and efficient.
Its dampers are used in washing machines and furniture. They are designed for clients’ exacting requirements. They boast high-quality with international standards. They are stabilized in powerful vibrating motion.
Sunprein’s free lock gas springs are applied to swivel chairs, task chairs and stools. They lock into position in extended/compressed positions. Its free lock gas springs are maintenance-free and have long service life. Compact design makes them possible to install in small spaces.

Proving Technological Prowes

Sunprein was founded in August 2003. The Small & Medium Business Administration designated the company as a technologically excellent company. In November 2000, the company received a QS-9000 certificate which proved its technological prowess. In February, Sunprein exported gas springs to the USA for the first time. In February 2005, the company opened its technology research center.
In October 2005, Sunprein took home the Presidential Prize as an innovative small company. Sunprein is putting its utmost efforts into developing better products and services to satisfy customers at home and abroad. At the same time, the company is actively making forays into overseas markets to grow into a world leader.

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