A Global Automotive Rubber Parts Manufacturer

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryINNORNC Co., Ltd. is a global auto parts manufacturer that has expanded its business since establishment of its factory and main office in 2000. INNORNC produces automotive rubber parts and anti-vibration rubber parts; mounts, bushes, stoppers, dampers, diaphragms, etc. INNORNC acquired the SQ Mark (Certificate of Supplier Quality for Hyundai & KIA) and ISO/TS 16949.

Manufacturing Mounts, Bushes, Stoppers & Dampers

An engine mount is usually fitted into a place between an engine and a car body (chassis) to prevent engine vibration and noise from being transferred to the body. Thus, it has a very important role in reducing engine vibration inside the car and enhancing ride quality.
More specifically, engine mounts are located in the front, back and bottom of the engine and transmission to affix them to the body while separating the engine from the body to absorb vibration from cylinders. They are necessary for the durability of vehicles as well.
Bushes are mainly fitted to connecting parts of a car to absorb vibration and noise arising from a car body, thus improving the ride quality. Bushes are located on the lower arm, upper arm and lateral link to hold parts together while preventing noise from metal parts. Bushes play a very important role in driving efficiency as they could cause noise if they are hardened or simply old. Furthermore, drivers might not be able to feel the steering wheel well enough to drive efficiently. Small shocks could also cause wheel alignment to be twisted and therefore, worsen the handling.

A stopper acts as a shock absorber. Dampers absorb vibration arising from a car body or a steering wheel. They are also used to prevent the jack shaft from breaking away in the transmission or even to designate return location of a brake pedal.
INNORNC produces and exports the most reliable automotive rubber parts worldwide. With ceaseless research and development, INNORNC makes it possible for its products to meet the various needs of its customers and makes utmost efforts to contribute to customer prosperity by supplying reliable products with cutting-edge technology, as well as competitive prices as a lifetime business partner.

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