Manufacturing ADINO Mighty Power Car Battery with EXXTROL 100% Synthetic Engine Oil[INQ. NO. 1708M26] Sama Global is a global group company and a global leading expert in manufacturing storage batteries, especially for the automotive industry. ADINO, its representative brand, is a calcium maintenance-free battery with high performance and long life for any situation. This mighty power and long life is achieved by innovative lead plate technology with lots of investment and endless research.
Due to this reliable great technology, it gives long life service, long lasting Ah and CCA, reliable powerful starting power and high durability and consistent quality. Besides above, Sama Global is developing high tech and performance, more value adding Start Stop and Marine & RV application battery also to meet the various customers’ requirements.

ADINO Mighty Power Car Battery and Exxtrol 100% Synthetic Engine Oil

ADINO Mighty Power, calcium SMF battery, applies innovative lead plate technology. It features long lasting service life, reliable powerful starting power, excellent electrical performance and unique design for safety. It adopted a new rolled expanded high Ca / Ca grid manufacturing process and improved battery performance by using “Non Woven Tissue.”
It has lower electric resistance, concentration of electricity by central lug design, recycling vaporized electrolyte and unique designed flame arrester. Using high-tech Hoff man terminal against acid leakage, it has a striped pattern bottom case with shrink-proof design.
Exxtrol, Excellent Engine oil is newly invested and developed engine oil which is keen synergetic items of battery business. It is a wonderfully innovative 100% synthetic engine oil. It meets the everyday requirements of high-quality engine oils. Exxtrol is designed for longer cycles of oil change compared with other conventional products. The average change cycle of Exxtrol is 20,000 – 30,000 km, while that of other products recommends 10,000 km. Exxtrol was designed with deep understanding of the surface activity chemistry.
This product is formulated from basic products such as Lubrizol of the USA and Gatway of Germany as well as top-quality synthetic bases from the USA and UK are added by its own blending technologies. It has been approved by the Engine Oil Licensing and Certification System, administered by the American Petroleum Institute and also by the Meter and Petrochemical Testing and Research Institute in Korea. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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