Various Kinds of Motors[INQ. NO. 1709M03] Established in 2001, Mnyx is a specialized manufacturer of DC motors and BLDC motors and supplies motors for ATMs, offices and medical devices.
The company actively conducts R&D based on expert experience and know-how in the field of DC motors to satisfy customers’ requests with quality and price.
Over the DC motor, the motor rotates due to the interaction of the permanent magnet and the electromagnet when the power is supplied through the carbon brush and the commutator.
The company aims to become a leading company in DC motors based on customers’ trust and satisfaction.
Regarding the company’s BLDC motor, it is a motor created after installing an electronic rectifier and eliminating the mechanical contact parts (carbon brush, commutator, etc.). The motor’s features low noise, high power, and semi-permanent life.
In 2012, Mnyx acquired certifications of ISO 9001, Fan Heater TUV NRTL. In 2013, the company succeeded in registered a patent regarding Rotary Solenoid. In 2014, it succeeded in registering as a subcontractor with LG CNS, becoming a leading company in the field in the nation. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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