Square-shaped Drying Chamber

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1709M05] The square-shaped drying chamber of Operon can reduce installment area by about over 30% compared with other companies’ circular chambers with the same capacity by maximizing the effective area for drying. The -156°C cryogenic cooling system registered as an international patent and Operon Auto Cascade System, the original technology for the -203°C cryogenic cooling system, are applied to realize quick freezing and quick defrosting functions.
Experiment data such as sample temperature and degree of vacuum is stored on an SD card with which it is already equipped, and is easily transferred to the user’s PC for analysis. The user can choose automatic or manual function for the dry program, and when choosing automatic function, the user can actually do programming by choosing the temperature of the heat plate and drying time.
Selected vacuum pump contains automatic gas ballasting function, so it releases gas which fills the pump to get a better degree of vacuum. The built-in vacuum release valve automatically operates to prevent a backflow of contaminated oil and gas in the pump during blackouts, cold trap temperature rises, or pump operation halt by mishandling.
It is already equipped with an automatic protection function for the vacuum pump that makes the vacuum pump operate automatically when the temperature of the cold trap decreases below a certain temperature, set up by the user based on the freezing point of samples. The vacuum pump automatically turns off when the temperature rises over the setting temperature. Transparent acryl chamber with 40mm thickness is safe for users as they can see the drying process. The built-in automatic defrosting device can defrost quickly after drying.

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