Automobile Repair Equipment

The Leading Runner in the Domestic Market


[INQ. NO. 1710M13]

Starting the development of wheel alignment systems

Samhong Engineering started out as a company that distributed and sold electronic equipment for automobile repair in 1992. The beginning of its business was marginal, but after having realized that domestic automobile repair devices were lagging behind so much that Korea had to depend on importation, the company started to develop wheel alignment systems domestically for any Korean to use.
Initially, Samhong Engineering went through a lot of trial and error, but it vigorously pursued quality improvement and product stabilization despite criticism from the domestic automobile repair equipment market, all the while developing wheel alignment systems for comfortable and stable driving, which also eventually prolongs the lifespan of tires.


Bringing the importance of wheel alignment systems for heavy duty trucks and buses into focus in the domestic market

Also, by starting to develop wheel alignment systems for heavy duty trucks and buses in 1999, for the first time in Korea, Samhong Engineering was able to bring the importance of wheel alignment systems for heavy duty trucks and buses into focus, even in the domestic market. With this, domestic automobile manufacturers began to replace imported wheel alignment systems with the company’s products, of which it is especially proud, because the company was able to prevent the outflow of foreign currency through localization and importation replacement effects.


Eventually developing 3D camera type wheel alignment system purely by Samhong Engineering’s technology

The company eventually developed 3D Camera type-wheel alignment system-SMART CARPER brand 825, 818, 810 models with her own technology for precise measurement and the maintenance cost down by applying High-quality Camera( 5M Pixel, GigE type, made in Germany) & High-quality camera lens(5M Pixel, made in Japan) for maximized & optimized performance.
The customers can apply its CCD-725 & CCD525 for passenger car & light commercial car, CCD-325 for heavy commercial car(heavy duty truck), as well.


Occupying 50% of the domestic market share

Now the company has 50% or more of market share in Korea ; Hyundai Motors, KIA Motors and TATA-Daewoo, HANKOOK Tire, KUMHO Tire, NEXEN Tire, SK Speedmate, GS Oasis, etc. Especially, wheel alignment system for heavy duty trucks have been used in all of Hyundai Car Service Centers for commercial vehicles in Korea.
Also, Samhong Engineering is making continuous eff orts to promote excellence of Korean products in Southeast Asia and 20 other countries around the world to secure its exportation network.
Samhong Engineering was determined to develop and manufacture easy-to-use automobile repair devices with its company spirit that customers are the owners of the company. The company promised it will consistently move forward with the mindset that customers are fi rst and foremost, and it will believe their growth equals the growth of Samhong Engineering. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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