Plant Total Solution Provider Co., Ltd. is a general trading company that was established for the shared growth of SMEs and the development of plant industries in Korea by the public enterprise, Korea South-East Power (KOEN) and 16 SMEs.
G-TOPS Co., Ltd. will conduct a leading role in energy field businesses, such as export agency selling excellent products of Korea’s small businesses to the overseas market, import agencies supplying foreign excellent equipment to plant industries in Korea, plant renovation & modernization (R&M), and foreign resource development.
G-TOPS Co., Ltd. creates value based on the challenge of innovation to realize its dream. It will continue to contribute to society with top-quality products and services. It will make every endeavor to achieve its mission to become one of the top-10 general trading companies.


Cooperative Companies Including More than 300 Manufacturers

G-TOPS trades and deals with businesses in various fields such as machineries, electronic, I&C, software, environment, and renewable energy. In the machineries field, the company trades in pumps, valves, ST/GT component, pipes, actuators, intake facilities, bearings, rollers, GT inlet filters, expansion joints, CSUs and stackers & reclaimers, heat exchangers & pressure vessels. In the electronics field, it deals in motors, switchgear, MCC, load centers, transformers, UPS & battery chargers, exciters, digital fault recorders, ignitor systems and PD systems. As for I&C, the company is involved with trading optical fiber temp. systems, transmitters, fittings, control valves, boiler tube leak detectors, valve leak monitoring systems, gas metering systems, gauges and fire detectors.
G-TOPS also deals in the software field, especially plant real-time information systems, plant 3D contents and intelligent management systems. And for the environment, it trades in precipitators, dust collectors, clearing systems, water/waste water treatment systems, and GFF & PCF filter. Finally, the company also is involved in the renewable field for solar power, wind power, solar inverters and ESS. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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