Precise Gear Reducers and High-precision Gears Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (KIP) was founded in 1967, with the purpose of manufacturing precise gear reducers for the industry. It has been building large reducers and high-precision gears for various purposes such as steel industries, industrial machinery, power plants, cement plants, cranes, etc. The company is a specialist able to build customized gear boxes for customers with more than 40 years of accumulated technical skill and know-how. KIP not only contributes to the progress of the nation’s industry by manufacturing “localized”reducers and high-precision gears, which are essential to the nation’s industry, but also blazes trails globally by exporting to the international market.
Despite obstacles that KIP has faced since its foundation, KIP could continue to prosper for the past 40 years thanks to continuous and loyal support of customers. The ideology of KIP is that only topnotch products can earn the ardent backing of customers so KIP has strived for manufacturing only trustworthy products since its foundation. KIP manages the quality of its products and service to satisfy its customers’ requirements with more than 40 years of accumulated technical skills and experience, cutting-edge production facilities and highly precise testing equipment.


KIP’s Customized Gear and Gear Box

Kyung-in Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading gear manufacturers in South Korea. It is an industrial gearbox manufacturer of innovative gearboxes and related products, being able to satisfy power transmission needs in selected industries. In addition to its wide standard product range, it can offer customized industrial gearboxes and drives.
When clients’ requirements go beyond its customized products, the company’s engineering team will develop together in close cooperation with customers to ensure optimized products custom-made to specific applications. Its experienced and qualified engineers make certain that the product will fulfill the requirements of even the most demanding applications. Experience gathered from numerous deliveries to process industry helps KIP to ensure the high availability and trouble-free operation of gearboxes from standard to specially made products.

The company’s major business fields include iron works, steel processing mills, cement mills, container cranes, conveyer systems, mining mills, oil and gas, chemical and rubber machines, sugar mills, palm oil mills, paper mills, etc. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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