Steel Grating its founding in 2001, Wonjae Industrial Co., Ltd. has been producing steel-grating products, and has supplied its products to many sites. However, after having realized the insufficiency and limitations of existing steel grating, it has put a lot of efforts into producing the best grating through a lot of tests and improvements.
As a result, Wonjae Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed innovative products such as its Style Safety Grating and I-Beam Heavy-duty Grating and had them patented. These products illustrate Wonjae Industrial’s will to relentlessly develop and innovate its products.
Wonjae Industrial is leading the grating industry based on continuous innovation and R&D for users’ convenience with development of new technologies and products adopting environment-friendly plating. Moreover, it is eager to expand abroad through continuous employee training for the overseas market.


I-Beam Heavy-duty Grating and Style Safety Grating

I-Beam Heavy-duty grating, the D-shape steel is integrated into I-beam shape, maximizing durability and preventing noise, robbery and breakaway. As heavy-duty grating, the weak rear section is easily attached and can be constructed alone. Regular grating always makes noise, resulting in complaint from neighbors. However, this product uses connectable heavy-duty grating to solve such problems and assures safety. Its lengths are 250 units and 350 units to disperse the force of compression to decrease noise.
The top part of style safety grating is flat, accessible for both pedestrians and cars with good drainage. The product is ideal for stadiums, public offices, parks, etc. Especially, it provides convenience for the handicapped as it plays a pivotal role as a safe grating. It features 1,000 hours of safety guaranteed and fine bonding power with top coating. Various metallic colors can be expressed and scratches are also protected effectively. Mixed coating on metal provides excellent non-slip feature. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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