A Full Range of Shock Absorber

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryEstablished in March 2014, Type Four Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer in Korea dedicated to manufacturing a full range of shock absorber products. In spite of selling aftermarket performance products for only two years or so, the company already has hundreds of satisfied customers nationwide. Its primary mission is to create new value by providing its customers with high-quality suspension systems.
Type Four Co., Ltd. has four separate departments with several veteran engineers who have worked in the suspension (auto parts) industry for more than 10 years, and all are factory trained.


Adjustable Shock Absorber (GRBs)

GRBs shock absorber was designed and produced through special manufacturing techniques and the knowledge of expert engineers in Type Four Co., Ltd., giving the benefits of its unique experience to customers. There are four types of its products, all of which are designed for different purposes according to the customer’s preferences.
GRBs gold type shock absorber has an adjustable camber specialized for special cars such as circuit racing car and awesome dress-up car. GRBs red type shock absorber makes it possible to adjust damping force and ride height. GRBs blue type shock absorber provides the most comfortable riding even under bad road conditions. GRBs silver type is for casual type tune-up shocks, suitable for a beginner driver.
Features of the gold type include aluminum body, adjustable vehicle ride height, knuckle bracket for camber adjustment, pillowball mount, mono-tube type, 16 steps damping force adjustable and customized setting.
Features of the red type also include aluminum body, vehicle ride height adjustable, mono-tube type and 16 steps damping force adjustable with options for pillow ball mount / knuckle bracket for camber adjustment.
Features of the blue type include steel body, vehicle ride height adjustable, twin-tube type and 16 steps damping force adjustable. Lastly, GRBs silver is economical and affordable casual type tune-up suspension.


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