Green Energy Plant is a company that exports the green energy plant, “ELUS.” Despite recent interest in new renewable and eco-friendly energy, numerous countries and many industries still generate electricity and manufacture based on oil resources, which aggravates environmental pollution along with energy problems. Emulsified fuel oil produced by ELUS needs no emulsifiers.
Bunker-C oil and all kinds of heavy oil with an addition of pure 10-30% water are new alternative energy that enable clients to save energy by 3-8%, or even more than 20%, depending on usage environment.
ELUS is an essential environmental energy plant for all manufacturers, facilities with a lot of fuel consumption and thermoelectric power plants. Green energy plant, ELUS, is the best system to resolve environmental and energy problems altogether.
ELUS has expanded its export to not only Asian countries such as China, Indonesia and the Philippines, but also to many Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and UAE that deal with oil a lot. Most recently, ELUS is planned to be installed at TOOUS Thermal Power Plant in Iran.


Green Energy Plant, “ELUS”

Purpose of usage of emulsified fuel oil is to substantially decrease air-polluting substances such as dust, nox, sox, carbon and exhausting gas by using chemical specificity of water and increasing efficiency through complete combustion of heavy oil with poor combustion and waste oil.
ELUS is the best plant that is mounted with green hi-tech ultrasonic, which is developed based on accumulated know-how over many years and can drastically raise the accomplishment in emulsion through program and facilities necessary for producing the best-quality emulsified fuel oil. ELUS is an eco-friendly plant that does not need any emulsifier, but only pure water and in which no separation of water and oil occurs. ELUS can be operated for 20 hours per day with durability being 30 years. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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