Train Simulator[INQ. NO. 1711M01] Innosimulation’s SIMREX FTS is a highperformance train-operator training simulator developed with a focus on preventive drills to train operators and enable them to respond quickly to emergencies.
SIMREX FTS is a full-featured train simulator that provides a highly reliable virtual driving environment. Using equipment in the cab that operates in the same way as an actual cab minimizes differences in simulation and actual operations.
Its graphic image screen that reproduces actual images of actual tracks was developed to enable more realistic education and training for operators familiar with driving on existing tracks. SIMREX FTS simulates the same driving characteristics as vehicle control logic applied to actual automobile design and a virtual train system to which circuits and the propulsion braking characteristics were applied.
Various components for users provided with SIMREX FTS can also be used for R&D tasks such as driver factor research, railway and railway infrastructure design, the evaluation and verifi cation of train electrical equipment, traffi c safety research, and intelligent transportation system in addition to training purposes.
Innosimulation provides experience-type, virtual-reality general simulation solutions as a global player in the automotive, railway, and heavy equipment simulator sector. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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