Diesel Engine & Diesel Generator

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiryDaeyoung Engine & Generators Co., Ltd. is a rapidly growing manufacturer of industrial diesel engine and diesel generator sets in South Korea. The company has international certifications such as ISO 9001 and the European CE-mark with Hyundai Motor Company official distributorship. It supplies good quality industrial diesel engines and special purpose vehicles also with confidence and honor in the brand name.
Daeyoung Engine & Generators has been supplying 40hp~500hp/1,800rpm of diesel power take-offunits for agriculture irrigation equipment and various kinds of diesel engine driven fire fighting pumps to the world wide industrial equipment market.
The company’s industrial diesel engine’s durability quality and cooling performance has been tested and proved its capability against at the very hot climate area in Saudi Arabia at 50°C high temperature and extreme severe sandstorm climates countries more than two decades.

The diesel power take-offunit’s applications are as follows:
For extra light duty purpose, output power range is 40hp~100hp/1800rpm. It is used for centrifugal pumps, irrigation water pumps, hydro pumps, ski resort cableway, sightseeing gondolas, ropeways and elevator use.
Medium duty output power range is 120hp~295hp/1800rpm. It is useful to agitators, centrifugal blowers, compressors, conveyer and mixers.
For heavy duty, output power range is 300hp~500hp/1800rpm. It shows very good performance for crane & hoist, wood chippers, ore & stone crushers, mills, and also for military army engineering units for heavy transport equipment.
Moreover customization for special purpose commercial trucks and heavy weight construction vehicles are the best application in this field.
Daeyoung Engine & Generators has been exporting its products to countries and areas with extremely hot climatic conditions such as sand storms, like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE, Iran and African countries for more than a decade. It can supply custom-made engine related products for customers who have special needs through R&D and engineering services.
It has accumulated a plenty of experience and technical know-how in this field since its establishment in 1998.

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