Air Compressor Energy-saving Controller VSD+ Series[INQ. NO. 1801M04] Dotech Inc. specializes in controllers for the field of environment measurement and refrigerating and air-conditioning, stands out in the energy-saving solution market starting with the industrial air compressor energy-saving controller VSD+. The inverter controlling type that minutely controls the number of rotations of the compressor motor with a frequency is one of the qualified energy-saving technologies that are being rapidly introduced to home appliances. The air compressor that the inverter technology is applied from this perspective has been more widely used these days in the global market due to its high performance and energy efficiency.
However, though it is rarely used in Korea because for industrial air compressors, it accounts for more than 30% of the entire energy expenses of the site and replacing with the air compressor due to energy consumption and energy efficiency is burdensome in terms of the financial side, as well as the site operation aspect. Dotech’s VSD+ is the product that can be a groundbreaking solution to these problems.


Introducing the energy-saving controller

As industrial energy can be used more inexpensively than general energy, in the industrial equipment design, energy consumption was not considered important even until a few years ago. However, as problems related to energy overconsumption and environmental destruction become an issue worldwide, the industrial equipment market started to show increased interest in energy-saving equipment. Dotech understood market demands early and has coped with it from a long-term perspective. Products developed in recent few years are being manufactured as an energy-saving type based on Dotech’s own precision control technology. In particular, the product that receives attention among energy-saving controllers of Dotech is the air compressor energy-saving controller VSD+ series. The air compressor is a device consuming the most electricity in the general manufacturing facility. The key point of the high efficiency air compressor is the compressor control applying the inverter. It is a qualified energy-saving technology with rapidly increasing usage in the air compressor field as well as the refrigerating and air-conditioning field.



The VSD+ series is receiving attention

It can save power consumption significantly by properly adjusting the number of rotations of the motor of the air compressor suitable for the usage of compressed air by controlling the inverter. The VSD+ series is the outer mounted controller maximizing energy efficiency by changing the control type (Y-△) to the inverter control oriented VSD (Variable Speed Control) type by installing on the general industrial air compressor. Because most existing air compressors cannot control the speed of the internal motor, it cannot avoid unnecessary energy consumption as it is operating at almost 100% output regardless of the usage of air to maintain the mobility stand-by status. On the other hand, if applying the VSD+, the device’s operation efficiency can be increased significantly by finely controlling the number of rotations of the compressor according to the usage of air in real-time. In particular, for the fields where no-load operating time is long or load and no-load operating is working frequently in turn, up to energy can be saved up to 30~40%. Calculating the annual electricity rate for the case of operating the 100-horsepower air compressor for 8,000 hours after installing the VSD+, approximately KRW 19.7 million and 19,008 ton CO2 (based on 75kW, load factor 60%, electricity charge KRW 120) can be saved compared to pre-installation. It can succeed in killing many birds with one stone, including reduction of electricity charges, extension of life of major parts, reduction of CO2, etc., by removing unnecessary operation of the device. Under ordinary circumstances, the installation fee can be recovered in 1~2 years with energy-saving costs.


Based on 100-horsepower compressor (75kW), load factor (60%), operation (8,000hours) and electricity charge (KRW 85)


Competitiveness of Dotech and VSD+

One of the most important advantages of Dotech is high customer reliability. In fact, there have been no exchange and refund compensation cases until today since the product was released and on sale. It means Dotech provides the best production environment by analyzing data of a company’s energy consumption precisely. The biggest advantage of installing the VSD+ on an old device, compared to a new device with the inverter applied, is that it does not need to replace a device. If replacing an old device with a new device because of energy consumption, losses can occur not only in the price of the product itself but also in various parts. The VSD+ is an innovative solution that can reduce the purchase cost, as well as resulting losses, by increasing energy efficiency of the existing facility to the level of the new device while maintaining its status unchanged. Development of the VSD+ is more meaningful since more than 80% of domestic manufacturing sites operate old devices. As the VSD+’s energy-saving examples in the manufacturing site goes viral now, it is receiving a lot of attention from the industry. Furthermore, Dotech was awarded the 2016 National Sustainability Management Grand Prize (national sustainability management technological innovation sector) and the 2016 Korea Small to Medium-sized Business Grand Prize as the excellence of its energy-saving technology gained recognition. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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