Thermostatic Coolers[INQ. NO. 1801M07] Seyang Mechatronics is specialized in producing products for process improvement devices such as air cooling devices, vortex system products based on compressed air (vortex tubes, vortex cool tools, vortex CNC coolers, vortex CNC mechanical thermostats, vortex air cool jackets) and vortex warm tools, vortex high thrust jets, vortex air conveyor vacs, vortex air curtains, vortex air flow bars, vortex air vacuum suction, and vortex air suction guns.
Vortex Air Cooling Oil Jet, recently introduced by Seyang Mechatronics, does not use the existing electric control method. The product protects tooling wear and equipment lubrication and lubricates powerful mist cooling for machined objects and tools by spraying mist of cooled air and lubricating liquid at the same time from vortex tubes with compressed air at factories.
Vortex Air Cooling Oil Jet is capable of spraying lubrication mist using the oil venture-type method for spraying vortex tube cold air and fluid flows, protects workpiece materials, machining tool and maintain the high quality of machined products as sprayed mist of cutting oil is immediately cooled off with cold air (max -30°C) from vortex tubes.
Seyang Mechatronics also introduced the Vortex Cabinet Thermostatic Cooler that features heat control and thermal protection inside a control panel and an electronic control panel. It protects against external dust and pollution and can better function on lines with air cleaning facilities.
Vortex Cabinet Automatic Thermostat Cooler can always keep the inside of a cabinet and electronic components clean and quiet by sending out heat generated from inside a control panel, as it is hermetically attached to the control panel and maintaining proper temperature with cold air discharged from the cooler.
As a company that meets tough quality standards required by corporate customers, Seyang Mechatronics always aims to become a company that does its best. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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