Special Bolts and Related Parts


Used in Various Fields such as Offshore Plants, Power Generation Industry and Petrochemical Industry

[INQ. NO. 1801M10] For half a century since its foundation in 1965, Hwashinbolt has grown into a leading company in the special bolt industry, keeping pace with Korea’s rapid economic growth. Since its inception, the company has been focusing on special bolts. Hwashinbolt is making every effort to satisfy its customers and create value.
Recognized for its world-class technology and potential in the field of special bolts, Hwashinbolt is participating in large-scale global energy projects in 22 countries in five continents, including combined-cycle power plants, nuclear power plants and offshore plants. Hwashinbolt is preparing to take off to grow into a global company based on accumulated technology.
Hwashinbolt produces special bolts and parts used in various fields such as offshore plants, the power generation industry and petrochemicals. Specifically, the company is also producing structural bolts steam turbine casing bolts such as tap studs, slotted nuts, eccentric pins, etc. and secure various materials according to various needs such as high temperature and high pressure characteristics or corrosion resistance among others.

Hwashinbolt produces the best products not only with general materials but with special materials (Inconel, Duplex, Hastelloy, Monel, etc.) that are difficult to come by in Korea. Almost all specifications from M3 to M190 apply to most items. Its products are exported not only to five major domestic power generation companies but to overseas companies such as GE, MHPS, Simens, Alstom and Toshiba.
Hwashinbolt currently supplies bolts and nuts to major Korean and foreign power generation companies such as GE, Siemens and Doosan, Korea’s three leading heavy industries (DSME, Samsung and Hyundai) and global oil majors such as Shell, BP, ExxonMobil, Chevron and Total. The company is also actively responding to customers’ changing needs by producing products that meet various standards such as the ANSI, ASTM, ASME, GE, SIEMENS, DIN, KS, BS and ISO. Hwashin bolt is committed to serving as a reliable partner for its customers based on continuous research and development and strict quality control.

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