Radial Drilling Machines

https://korean-machinery.com///inquiry[INQ. NO. 1805M10] JoGwang Machinery has been professionally manufacturing and supplying radial drilling machines for its main clients in Korea, as well as some clients in other global markets, based on its rich experience and accumulated technology over the past 50 years. The major export-purpose radial drilling machine models are:JDU-580, JRD-1160, JRD-1500 , JRD-1750, JRD-2100, and JRD-2700. Among them, the hottest item for export is JRD-1500.
Jo Gwang’s radial drilling machine is an economical device that is simple to operate with a nice design and excellent power. All operating parts are centrally located and can be maneuvered from the operator’s point of view, allowing safer and faster operation. The hydraulic-type clamp on each part is easy to work for it can be applied separately. It is also convenient because it is equipped with a device to pre-select a spindle rotation speed necessary for the next work with the dial during operation.
It has been designated as a promising small-to-medium-sized enterprise in 1981 by the government. The company started to export to Indonesia in 1983, to Canada in 2003, and to China and Vietnam in 2004. As a specialized manufacturer, all of its employees put a lot of efforts into continuous research to realize its main management objective, which is quality improvement, and make technical improvements endlessly to meet its clients’ needs and demands. JoGwang is fully committed to supplying excellent quality products with timely and complete follow-up services and to fulfill customers’ needs with the best technology and trust.

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