COFFEEBOB Roaster[INQ. NO. 1805M12] Established in 1998, TaeGeuk Corp. Korea has been enjoying a good reputation among its many customers all over the world for its top-quality machinery products. TaeGeuk Corp. Korea has just launched COFFEEBOB roaster in global coffee markets, which is expected to bring a fruitful business for the customers with its excellent performance and maintenance. The lately released COFFEEBOB roaster’s flexible convection & conduction heating control with 99% perfect combustion supports carbon-free roasting. For your specialty coffee roasting, the COFFEEBOB roaster aims at being something beyond your imagination. The product’s double-layered handmade stainless steel drum is adopted for supreme heat conductivity and continued batch after batch. It also features a user-friendly control panel. Powerful exhausting is possible and a cooling system with high efficient cooler and stirrer is available to ensure fast cooling. The installed metal fiber burner ensures 99% combusting with rapid temperature control to high and low. With easy maintenance, the user can receive more operational benefits than existing models. In its initial stage, TaeGeuk Corp. Korea was fortunate to host visits from buyers from the Czech Republic, Cambodia and Vietnam. It is likely that they heard of the company’s reputation from the expertise of its COFFEEBOB roaster. With the competiveness in price and quality, customers are happy to use its COFFEEBOB roaster with the unique firework and stability for the specialty coffee. | Blog Magazine of korean-machinery, brands and Goods

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